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The KN was first delivered in September 1935 and still retains its original KN-type engine and other components, and she is believed to have been rebuilt to K3 pointed-tail specification already in the late 1930.

Registration : UK registered
Chassis Number: KN0446
Engine Number: 693AKN

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The KN was first delivered in September 1935 and still retains its original KN-type engine and other components, and she is believed to have been rebuilt to K3 pointed-tail specification already in the late 1930s, but little is known of her racing history due to the untimely death of the previous owner shortly after my purchase. The car is fitted with a Marshall K150 supercharger, stronger Armstrong pre-selector gearbox and Girling hydraulic brakes just a sum up of the complete specification list.





Hill climb shake down

In the specifications list (underneath) you'll see that the car was built for competitive track and hill climb use: in complete road trim and weighting 850 kg, making this car powerful and great in handling corners. The current owner used the car numerous times in hill climb and rally events and can attest that it is equally tractable on the road and completely shaken down and sorted out.

Be amazed

If you're looking for a fast, fun, exciting and reliable prewar car. This two-seater is the one.
You'll be amazed with its power and road handling.


  • Chassis to “K3” specification:
    • Wheelbase 7’ 10 3/16”
    • Track 4’
  • Front axle to “K3” spec polished and plated
  • Two 506M Andre-Hartford shock absorbers (front)
  • New billet machined stub axles
  • Divided track steering and “K3” ratio Bishop Cam steering box
  • 13” “K3” brakes with alloy back plates and drums converted to hydraulic
  • operation with dual circuit master cylinders and balancing bar
  • Rear axle to “K3” spec fitted with special racing half shafts and original ‘K3”
  • Differential casing with Brooklands Mountain 9/44 (4.89:1 ratio) limited-slip gearing
  • Two Girling hydraulic shock absorbers (rear)
  • Engine number 693 AKN:
  • Steel billet machined EN40 B nitrided fully counterbalanced
  • crankshaft
  • Billet machined balanced conrods
  • Cosworth forged alloy 3-ring racing solid skirt slipper pistons
  • Ported and polished head
  • Bayton Jones billet machined camshaft
  • Forged rockers
  • Rim flow valves and competition springs
  • Large magnesium alloy “K3” sump
  • Scintilla Vertex magneto ignition
  • Lightweight balanced flywheel
  • Gearbox is roller bearing racing Armstrong Wilson Preselector with high-ratio gear train
  • “K3” bell housing and remote control
  • Marshall Rootes-type K150 supercharger with 2 blow-off valves and 2" H8
  • SU carb
  • “K3” inlet manifolding with twin Kigass injector nozzles
  • 6-branch exhaust manifold with Brooklands box tail pipe, all finished in chrome
  • Petrol tank is “K3” 1934-spec 27.5 imperial gallon fully riveted and fitted with tailored competition fuel cell suitable for petrol or methanol with 3 imperial gallon reserve.
  • Facet fuel pump
  • FIA-spec battery isolation switch and fuel cut-off
  • Auxiliary racing battery connector
  • FIA-spec oil catch tank
  • Bodywork in light alloy with racing cowl nosecone
  • Aluminium alloy radiator
  • Fitted with in-line water thermostat
  • Electric auxiliary cooling fan
  • Two Brooklands aeroscreens
  • Fitted with alloy wings, lights, indicators and spare wheel carrier (road trim)
  • Alloy mirror cowl, passenger-side alloy tonneau cover, bonnet/racing nose
  • cone and cowl (racing trim)
  • Two racing bucket seats
  • MG Bluemels Brooklands racing steering wheel
  • Dashboard layout is “K3” 1934-spec with Kigass pump, Sterling silver
  • octagonal St. Christopher’s medallion (Turner & Simpson, Birmingham 1949)
  •  Jaeger instrumentation:
    • 8,000 rpm chronometric rev counter
    • Oil temperature
    • Manifold Oil pressure
    • Engine Oil pressure
    • Water temperature
    • Manifold Boost pressure
    • Ammeter
  • Two fabric double duck leather-bound tonneau covers: first for use with alloy
  • Tonneau cover covering exposed driver’s side only; second two-piece,
  • covering both driver and passenger sides
  • Five 19" 70-spoke “K3”-spec wire wheels fitted with 500x19 Dunlop R5 racing tyres
  • Brantz RetroTrip Custom propshaft magnetic sender unit, wiring harness and head unit bracket (rally use)
  • Rev Counter Speed Overlay (rally use)
  • FEV fire extinguisher
  • Car is finished in black with silver wheels
  • Racing bucket seats, driver’s leather arm pad and bonnet/spare wheel carrier
  • Straps are tan/brown natural distressed hide


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+32 (0)3 353 33 31     info@hcservices.be