1925 Bugatti
T23 Brescia







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Building upon the racing success of the iconic
Type 13 "Brescia", Bugatti seized the opportunity
to produce the Type 23 Brescia Tourer as
a full-production model in the aftermath of World War I.

Registration : UK registered
Chassis number : 2386
Engine number : 752
Mille Miglia Coefficient: 1.7

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On February 7, 1925, the Bugatti Type 23, identified by its chassis number 2386, departed from Molsheim and was one among the five Type 23 models that were delivered to the esteemed London-based agent Chas. Jarrot & Letts Ltd., situated at 40 Conduit Street, London, W1. Out of the five cars bearing the numbers 2383 to 2387, only three have managed to stand the test of time. Remarkably, the Bugatti Type 23 with chassis number 2386, featuring the iconic 16-valve engine, is one of the fortunate survivors. Notably, the Brescia T23 holds the distinction of being the very first full production multivalve engine car ever manufactured, adding to its esteemed status in automotive history. 


This charming car is truly a gem, with the added advantage of being a 4-seater. The rear seats are cleverly covered by a snap-on tonneau cover when not in use, adding to its versatility. The paintwork is a tasteful burgundy over black, and it is in excellent condition.  Additionally, a hood can be easily snapped onto a frame that mounts to the top of the windscreen, providing protection during wet weather. This car is not only stylish, but also practical and well-equipped for various driving conditions.  


The interior is adorned with tobacco-coloured leather throughout, oozing an air of sophistication. The dashboard features machine-turned aluminium, boasting the classic Jaeger and Bugatti gauges. 


Under the bonnet, the engine of this car is meticulously detailed and tidy, showcasing the care and attention it has received. Extensive work has been done, Including an engine rebuild by marque specialist, Ivan Dutton, ensuring its reliability and performance. The radiator has been renewed by Anglia Radiators. Notably, the clutch has been converted from wet to dry, with the original parts retained with the car. This car has been well taken care of, with significant investments made to ensure its mechanical excellence and reliability on the road. 

Documents and family fun

The car comes with a comprehensive history file that includes detailed documentation of the works undertaken, The file also contains a wealth of correspondence from former owners, providing valuable insights into the car's past. Additionally, there are several period pictures of the car at different stages in its life, including a snapshot from 1949, adding to its historical significance. Furthermore, the car is accompanied by a FIVA Passport with an A3 classification, indicating its authenticity and potential for easy renewal by the next owner. Notably, there are substantial bills from Gentry Restorations, dating back to around 2014, attesting to the investments made in restoring and maintaining the car to its present condition. The extensive history file adds to the provenance and value of the car, providing a wealth of information and documentation for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It showcases the car's rich history, previous ownership, and the level of care and attention it has received, making it a truly desirable and well-documented classic automobile. 


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