Our team of experts is ready to service your classic 

Servicing your classic car should be carried out at set time intervals (at least every year) or after the vehicle has travelled a certain number of miles.  
The car manufacturer specifies the service intervals by creating a service.

Never mess around with the soul of the car

Authenticity is everything. We always work with original parts if salvageble or we create parts when needed.

Way of the workshop 

Our workshop is set up in a way that enables us to take in your car immediately and start work within a day of it arriving. 
The first part of our workshop is set out with marked bays where all service work and general repairs are carried out.
Larger and long-term jobs are catered for in our larger specially designed mid-section which is made up of work bays surrounded by fixed benches and heavy racks to lay out all the car parts. Engines and gearboxes are built in our dedicated “clean room”, which is a fully air-conditioned glass fronted room set out specifically for clinical clean preparation and final assembly of your car’s vital organs. 

Service bay

Giving the cars the high life. Easier for servicing and better for our mechanic backs.


The mid-section is used for long-term projects. Each car has a fixed area with all its parts on the side. Currently we have 9 mid-sections in use.

Clean room

Away from the dust you'll find the clean room. It's where the magic happens on the engines, gearboxes and other vital organs of your car.