Sell your car

How much is your car worth?
You probably already have a figure in mind.
Let 's show you how HCS proceeds to sell your car.

Going that extra mile.

With our broad network of potential customers and publication
possibilities you're sure HCS will drive that extra mile to sell your car.

Here's a sum up of things we do to sell your car. 

  • Tap into our broad network
  • We collect and deliver
  • The car is placed in our showroom
  • Professional photographs
  • Video
  • Publication on our website
  • Car evaluation report
  • Advertised on certain car platforms
  • Social advertisement
  • Mailing
  • Taken to shows

Our broad network

When you're in the car business as long as we are. You build up a serious network of contacts.
When selling your car through HCS you'll benefit from this network. We have potential buyers who are looking for certain brands & types.

Collect & deliver

HCS can pickup your car or deliver it to the new owner. The sell needs to be hassle free.


Eye candy in a nice environment. Our showroom is the ideal setting to display your car. 

Professional photographs

One look is worth a thousand words.
Our professional photographer has the ability to freeze time and capture your car the right way in a period correct setting.
Giving the potential customers the right feeling and emotion.  


As videos are complementary to photography. Which allows us to create a unique environment highlighting each aspect of the car.

Publications on our website

You probably already saw "our stock" page.
So you know how this looks. We take the history of the car and write a refined but pleasant text which will discribes the car and its history. Giving the potential customer the right insights. 

Classic car evaluation report

This is new to our sales strategy. 
We take the car for a testdrive and do some standard tests. This will reveal the current state of the car. Potential customer will have complete transparency in what they are buying.

Advertisement on the main vintage car platforms

Making your car visible on the main vintage car platforms will extend our reach of potential customers.

Social shout out

With the world at you hand the social media is a good way to get extra exposure.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
contact us for more information

+32 (0)3 353 33 31

Our sales manager Julian Messent will be the one answering.