1930 Bentley Blower 4,5L




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First registered June 1930: GJ 6301

Original and current UK Registration: GJ 6301
Original Chassis number: AD3665
Original Engine number: AD3661

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Heavy crank

Originally bodied with a Saloon Body by Maythorn, later rebodied with a “Townshend” Le-Mans type body (Townshend were the bodywork makers of the Le-Mans cars to Vanden-Plas design drawings). We believe this may have been done in around 1958 when amazingly, the car was actually owned by Townshend (see stamped entry in the original Buff log book) full history file included. A copy of the insert from the Bentley “Bible” by Dr Clair Hay, and the original “Buff” log book for the car are attached.This is a Real WO Bentley, made by the real “Bentley Motors” with all correct matching chassis and engine numbers etc and a great continuous history. It is a “Heavy Crank” car meaning that it has the correct Stronger Supercharged crankshaft and heavy duty chassis etc that were intended only for the “Blowers” by the factory

Bentley GJ6301 Original
Buff log book showing Townshend ownership


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