1930 Lagonda
2L Supercharged
Low Chassis


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Britain's thoroughbred car

This is the very first 2L supercharged Lagonda,
considered as the works prototype car, 
used for all Lagonda promotion and
publicity in period.

Registration : NL registered
Chassis number : 0H9711 
Engine number : 1459 (2B981)
Original license plate: PL1240

2.400 cc, 4-cylinder engine, 130 hp, 4-speed manual 

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Designed by Arthur Davidson, the 2-litre 'four' featured twin camshafts, mounted high in the block, operating inclined valves in hemispherical combustion chambers. Power output of this advanced design was a highly respectable 60bhp. For the 1929 season, a 'low chassis' Speed Model was introduced, featuring revisions to the frame's front end and a higher-compression engine fitted with twin carburettors. The Speed Model had resulted from the factory's Le Mans effort of 1928, when the 2-Litre driven by Andre D'Erlanger and Douglas Hawkes had finished 11th overall in the 24-Hour endurance classic.

In front of the
Lagonda Staines Factory (1930)


The Autocar magazine

On September 12th, 1930 'The Autocar' did an article on supercharged cars. Described in this article was this 2L Lagonda and a
Bentley 4 1/2L an valuable piece adding more history to this Lagonda.

An article in
'The Autocar'
of this Lagonda 2L

Racing improving the breed

A classic example of racing improving the breed, the 'low chassis' 2-litre possessed markedly superior handling characteristics courtesy of its lower centre of gravity. For all its virtues, Davidson's engine was limited by its tortuous induction tracts and in 1930 a supercharged version was introduced to overcome this deficiency. The 'blower' was mounted vertically in front of the engine, which was fitted with a stronger crankshaft, while a 3-litre rear axle beefed up the transmission. A Powerplus supercharger was specified at first, but most 'blown' 2-litres came with a Cozette. Thus equipped, a 'low chassis' 2-litre was capable of up to 90mph.
This particular car also boasts an HCS 2.4 litre conversion.
Giving it a very healthy performance increase close to that of its bigger brother the 4.5 litre Meadows.

The car we offer here is the very first supercharged 2L,
considered as the works prototype car, used for promotion and is in an absolute fabulous condition.

This car is without doubt the best driving 2 Litre Lagonda of any type that we have ever driven.
Fantastic and highly recommended car for any pre-war appreciator.

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