1934 Frazer Nash
Tourist Trophy



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This engine has a notable history, having belonged to Miss V. M. Wilby (registration YG6020), a well-known female rally driver of her time


• Engine Number: 10303• Chassis Number: 2117• Original License Plate: BMC445• Engine: 1,496 cc 4-cylinder engine with 90 hp• Transmission: 4-speed gearbox

Meadows Engine

The car is equipped with an inline 1.5-liter engine manufactured by Henry Meadows Ltd. This particular engine is one of the rare racing variants among the 50 produced. It has been enhanced with a deflector head featuring revised port shapes and larger valves. These modifications create increased turbulence in the combustion chamber, resulting in higher power output. 


Chain Gang

One of the striking features of this car is the "chain gang." The axle incorporates a sprocket with the same number of teeth as the driveshaft, which is driven from the main with extra sprockets for adjusting the gearing. This setup allows for flexibility in adapting to various driving conditions, whether it be cruising or sprinting.

Four-Speed Transmission

The Frazer Nash is equipped with a straightforward yet highly effective four-speed transmission. It consists of externally mounted sprockets fitted to a transverse shaft located just ahead of the rear axle. This transmission design has proven to be reliable and efficient.



This Frazer Nash is likely one of the finest and most authentic cars you'll come across. Its current owner has carefully maintained it for over 25 years and has actively participated in numerous rallies during this time. The car has received regular servicing at HCS, and in 2018, the engine underwent a complete rebuild. As a result, this car is prepared for another 25 years of rallying adventures.

More information

+32 (0)3 353 33 31     sales@hcservices.be

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