1934 Lagonda M35 Rapide


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Very rare specifications. This is an M35 Rapide which was originally built on the shorter 10' 3" Rapide chassis and still fitted with its original and very rare T9 Tourer body.


• Chassis N°: Z11162
• Engine N°: 3180

This is truly a unique car with rare specifications M35 Rapide built on the shorter 10’ 3” Rapide chassis, paired with its original and exceptionally rare T9 Tourer body. This vehicle was registered on August 19, 1934, making it one of the earliest models produced, likely the 2nd or 3rd in line, with chassis number Z11162. Remarkably, this car has retained much of its originality.

In 1957, Dennis Stratton became the recorded owner, and he generously lent the car to film companies, notably featuring in the famous English film "Doctor in the House." Later, in 1962, Stratton sold the car to Johnny White. Mr. White, a former employee of the old Lagonda Company, also owned a Lagonda Dealership in Bourne End since the 1930s. This Lagonda was the last of several that he would come to possess. We have confirmation of its appearance in the 1954 film, "Doctor in the House." and even have a copy of the film sequence.

Before the current owner's acquisition, Peter Whenman had already undertaken partial restoration work on the car. During the current owner's stewardship, it received extensive attention, including rewiring, a comprehensive bodywork restoration, woodwork refurbishment, a new fuel tank, refreshed wheel bearings, overhauled leaf springs, a rear axle upgrade with the longer ratio from the M45 Rapide, a complete gearbox restoration, and an engine rebuild that included a special crankshaft etc that increased its displacement to 4.2 Litres, producing nearly 190 bhp. Additionally, the interior has just been beautifully re-trimmed in red leather.

This Lagonda is now in impeccable working condition and is ready for countless rallies ahead. Its T9 Tourer body, with its elegant lines, conceals an astonishing level of speed and performance, making it a true wolf in sheep's clothing.


as Stanley Mann would have said, with a smile
on his face and a sparkle in his eye.  

Impressive Mechanics

Despite its weight, the car offers a light and agile driving experience. It features a Laystall crankshaft, 8.0:1 compression, tubular con-rods, fabricated exhaust manifold, and other performance-enhancing modifications.

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