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1929 Maserati 26 M - One of Only Three Worldwide

Are you a passionate car enthusiast with a penchant for rare classics? Then we have something special for you: the 1929 Maserati M26. This exceptional example is one of only three worldwide, a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

Registration : Belgian registered
Year of fabrication: 1929
Chassis number : MASERATI 26M 2516

Fully Restored  -  Excellent  Condition - Handmade  -  One of three worldwide


The Tipo 26M dominated the 1930 Grand Prix season having its debut at VI Premio Reale di Roma (Luigi Arcangeli won, 25 May 1930), IV Coppa Ciano (Luigi Fagioli won, 21 July 1930), VI Coppa Acerbo (Achille Varzi won, Ernesto Maserati second, 17 August 1930), III Gran Premio di Monza (Varzi won, Arcangeli second, 7 September 1930) and the VII Gran Premio de España (Varzi won, Aymo Maggi second, 5 October 1930).
Later victories were with Tim Birkin's 26M, III Mountains Championship (Whitney Straight, 21 October 1933) and as an 8C at Circuit d'Albi GP (Buddy Featherstonhaugh, 22 July 1934).

About the car!

Early history

Features of the Maserati 26 M:

Historical Heritage: This Maserati 26 M is a living legend. Built in 1929, this car reflects the craftsmanship and innovation of Maserati's early days. Every detail tells a story of an era when the car industry was in full bloom.

Rarity: With only three examples worldwide, the Maserati 26 M is a true rarity. This car is an essential piece for any serious collector and an eye-catcher at any classic car show.

Authenticity: This particular example has been restored with the utmost care to preserve its original glory. From the hand-crafted chassis to the original engine, every part is authentic and in excellent condition.

Performance and Style: The Maserati 26 M combines classic elegance with impressive performance. Its powerful engine and streamlined design create a driving experience that is both exhilarating and timeless.

The extra fun factor involved is that you may participate in all historical rallies and the most prestigious concours with this type of car.

Owning a Maserati 26 M is not only an honour, but also a unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of collectors.

This car offers not only an unforgettable driving experience, but also the satisfaction of owning a true masterpiece of automotive art.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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