Lancia Lambda V8 Mille Miglia Rep


Lancia Lambda 1930, Mille Miglia Rep (Astura V8)

Built as a copy of the Lancia works 1929 Spa Francorchamps "Coupe du Roi" and Mille Miglia race car.
This car has been built after the present owner / builder researched the works cars in detail and invested a fortune
in time and money to build himself the best Lancia Lambda possible.
Using an original 1930 Lancia Lambda as a base for restoration,
1930 Lancia Lambda Chassis #22438
1936 Lancia Astura V8 Engine #12505
Engine has a Dyno sheet showing 150hp and the car drives very well indeed.
Eligible for many rallies all around the World and a perfect car for any event.
A superb opportunity to own a fabulously well driving pre-war Lancia
Magnificent history file including a book of the restoration and build.

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Flying Start Records

Stanley Mann achieved incredible records with this car, including 5 Miles Flying Start in 2 minutes and 12.97 seconds and 10 Kilometers Flying Start in 2 minutes and 45.56 seconds, both at an average speed of over 135 mph.


as Stanley Mann would have said, with a smile
on his face and a sparkle in his eye.  

Competition Success

In the 1980s, the car achieved notable competition success, including victories at events like the Bentley Drivers Club and VSCC races.

Record-Breaking Legacy

Under Stanley Mann's ownership in 1987, the car underwent a comprehensive rebuild to set new class A records, solidifying its status as a record-setter.

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