1936 Alta 2-Litre Sports

A Rare Gem in British
Motorsport History


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This Alta is a very rare 2 litre sport, supercharged, Only original Left hand drive example produced, well known in the vintage racing world and ready to be raced.


Matching chassis and engine
Regularly campaigned in historic races
FIA/MSA papers (issued 2023)
Engine number: 64S
Chassis number: 64S
1960 cc, supercharged, 4 cylinder engine, 4-speed pre-selector

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Well Known Alta

Renowned within the realm of historic racing, this exceedingly rare Alta sports-racer departed the manufacturing facility on October 10, 1937, and received the registration 'IA-1891' in Berlin, Germany, under the ownership of its first owner Franz Kitzerau. Identified as '64S', this vehicle is the fourth among a total of five of its kind ever produced, and it stands as the sole example featuring left-hand drive with the 2.0-liter supercharged engine. (One of these five 2 litre models has been lost, leaving just four in existence today).

Supercharged Engine

Equipped with Alta's 1,960cc twin-cam engine and a Roots-type supercharger, this car delivers massive power and revs happily to 6,000rpm. With a total weight of 800kg, the power-to-weight ratio is super impressive. When this sort of power is coupled to a well setup four-speed Wilson pre-selector gearbox it is an almost unbeatable combination as wins at Classic Le mans etc have proved.


Lewes Speed Trails (1939)


Race Ready

After undergoing a full mechanical rebuild the '64S' achieved a remarkable victory in the pre-War race at the Old-timer Grand Prix held at the Nurbürgring during the early 2000s. Between 2008 and 2017, they actively participated and won in numerous 'pre-War' races. The Alta also competed in the prestigious 'Fox and Nicholl Trophy' at Silverstone, driven by Sam Stretton, as well as at Spa Francorchamps. 

Well documented

The accompanying documentation includes a current UK V5C Registration Certificate, VSCC document, the previously mentioned FIA/MSA papers, and various invoices.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

In 1966, M.W. Wood of Alburtis, Pennsylvania bought the Alta from Ed Jurist of The Vintage Car Store, New York, USA. Correspondence on record includes letters from Karl Ludvigsen (August 1965) and Stanley Novak (September 1966), confirming their knowledge of the car. Duncan Rabagliatti also exchanged letters with Wood about purchasing the car. Additionally, there is a letter from Denis Jenkinson (November 1983) attesting to his familiarity with the Alta, having worked at Alta himself. Two letters from prospective buyers, David Baldock (1990) of the Alta Car and Engineering Co and D.G. Kaas (1994) of Pennsylvania, are also in the file.

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