1936 Lagonda
Rapier Ranalah


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• Registration: UK registered• Chassis number: 11478• Engine number: 3226• Original license plate: JG7812• Rarity: 1 out of 46 produced• Engine Specifications: A rare 1500cc, 4-cylinder engine delivering 85 horsepower, with a 4-speed pre-selector gearbox.

A Robust Engine

The heart of this car features a meticulously rebuilt 1500cc twin overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine, originally designed by consultant Thomas Ashcroft. This engine comes in a 1100cc variant with approximately 50 bhp. However, in its 1500cc form, as seen in this model, it boasts around 85 bhp, which was quite impressive for its time. The engine's production was subcontracted to Coventry Climax.






The Lagonda Chassis

Designed by Charles King, the chassis comprises bolted-together steel sections. The engine is connected to a four-speed preselector gearbox, and the Girling system rod-operated brakes feature large 13-inch (330 mm) drums. Suspension is provided by half-elliptic springs controlled by friction dampers.

Ranalah Body

The Ranalah body was a creation of John Dalrymple and Charles Livesay, former employees of Chalmer & Hoyer. After the collapse of their previous company, they established John Charles & Co, quickly attracting a diverse clientele and producing various saloons and open bodies on different chassis. They also adopted the name "Ranalah" as a brand for some of their body designs. Unfortunately, rapid growth strained their finances, leading to the company's failure in early 1935.

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More information

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