1939 Mercedes
Benz 320B



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The Mercedes-Benz 320 stands as a pinnacle of automotive excellence, boasting exceptional driving characteristics, exquisite elegance, and technical perfection.


• Registration : The Netherlands
• Year of fabrication: 1939
• Chassis number: 435003
• Engine number: 435003

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Equipped with a unique oil cooling system, the 320 effortlessly maintains a constant speed of 115 km/h on the highway. Its full swing suspension system ensures outstanding performance on both straightaways and curves, delivering an exceptional and safe driving experience. The Mercedes-Benz 320 is the embodiment of flawless performance, meeting all expectations.


The striking aubergine high-gloss paint sets the standard for this vehicle's aesthetics. Chrome trim and accents elevate the car's appearance to a whole new level. Inside, a pristine white cream leather interior, adorned with meticulous woodwork, elevates it to concourse-level luxury.



Time in Romania

The current owner acquired this car in 1992 when it was still in its original running condition from a Romanian family. An intriguing piece of history surrounds its wartime preservation: in the aftermath of World War II, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu began requisitioning war-related assets. The family, however, chose to hide this car in a barn rather than surrender it to the state. Only years later, when it became permissible to own such items, did the family officially register the car in their name. (Original documents verifying this history accompany the car.)

Cubic Capacity

While standard 320 models were equipped with a 3200cc engine, those intended for military use featured a more robust 3400cc engine, just like this one. Only a select few of these cars were fitted with distinctive strips on the running boards and the stylish "Sunrise" grill in front of the radiator, an original accessory. The car underwent a complete restoration in 1999 and has seen minimal use since, making it a showpiece in pristine condition.


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+32 (0)3 353 33 31     sales@hcservices.be

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