1947 Nash 
Ambassador Suburban


€ 79.500

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Boasting 112 horsepower, the Super Series Nash Ambassadorwas the most powerful 6-cylinder car in America in 1947.


• Chassis Number: 454676• Model Number: 4871• Engine Number: 5410• Registered in France
• FIVA card

What WOOD you say?

A Real Wood Woodie

1947 Nash Ambassador Suburban: 60 Series, Body Style No. 4764, had a total production of only 595.   Nash Motors added the wood-paneled sedans for 1946-1948 to the Ambassador 60 Series.  The wood-paneled body style models had a stylish cache at the time . Later replaced by veneer, these early Woodies were adorned with real wood.

Poster Car

This 1947 Nash Suburban Woody was the poster car for the Geneva Car Show in 1990 and comes with a FIVA cardOne of 500 builtThis car is part of a French collection and can be bought as a group along with a Hudson. Inquire for more details.

Be amazed

If you're looking for gentle cruising with a nice kick when you hit the pedal. Then this show stopper is the one.


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+32 (0)3 353 33 31     sales@hcservices.be

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