1949 Hudson
Commodore Six Sedan


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Low-built design with long, sweeping lines and a low streamlined silhouette defines the elegant Hudson Commodore.


• Registration : France registered• Chassis Number: 492151356• Engine Number: 492151356
• Matching Numbers

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The Commodore Hudson

With a total production for the 1949 Commodore Custom Six was 32,715 with no breakdown by body style.  Overall, 1949 Hudson model year production was 159,100, though its a safe assumption the four-door sedans were the most numerous.  The engine is a 262 ci L-head six-cylinder built on a 124" wheelbase "Step-Down" unibody. 

Fabulous motoring


Restored to Perfection

This  Hudson is part of a collection of cars owned by a gentleman in France.  Each of the cars are highly restored and this car comes with 110,000.00 euro in restoration receipts.

A Road Worthy Driver

With its step-down design and low centre of gravity she instinctively  hugs the road, even at high speed and around curves. This high-compression Hudson Super Six engine is a smooth runner and an easy starter. Paint and chrome are in magnificent condition. 


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