1966 Jaguar
E-Type Series 1 DHC


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Nothing says English like an Old English White proper Jaguar E Type.


• Registration: BE Registered• VIN Number: WH7E60119• Car Number: 1E 11967• Chassis Number: 4E 22820• Engine Number: 7E60119

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Timeless Old English White

The E-Type showcases its timeless elegance in the stunning Old English White color. This classic hue complements the 1960s icon perfectly. Inside, the car features well-maintained cherry red leather upholstery. The combination of the exterior paint and the vibrant red interior make this Series 1 model an absolute head-turner.

A Masterpiece of Design

To those with discerning eyes, the Jaguar E-Type is not just an automobile; it's a classic work of art, celebrated for its exceptional design by the Museum of Modern Art. Beyond its iconic Jaguar styling, the E-Type reveals extraordinary sophistication beneath its surface.





Hard top

The black hardtops gives the E-Type a nice two tone styling. This durable option gives you all the comfort you need for cold weather touring. It is easy removable by the three hinges on the windscreen. Best to do this with 2 people.

Bigger Cubic Engine

The 4.2-liter engine delivers the same impressive power as its 3.8-liter predecessor, generating 265 hp at 5,500 rpm. However, torque has been increased to 283 lb/ft, thrusting passengers into the seats of this white rocket. The 4.2-liter cars offer a more refined driving experience, and the Jaguar all-synchro four-speed gearbox makes driving less demanding. The engine underwent a comprehensive rebuild in '92, including the installation of a new crankshaft, bearings, valves, and valve guides.

This British Icon is in beautiful condition and drives so well, finished in
Old English White with red leather trim, black foldable hood and black hardtop.

If you ever consider entering a world rally and do not want to be left behind,
this is the vehicle you should be seriously considering; it’s a front-runner.

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