Mille Miglia 2022

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If you never try, you will never know.

Year after year, the Mille Miglia brings millions of car enthusiasts from all over the world to Italy.

This year one of our customers was kind enough to lend his 1947 Talbot Lago T26GS to a good friend, who dreamed of driving the Mille Miglia. Never driven a vintage car nor a pre-select gearbox, it was a brave attempt to drive one of the world’s most famous rallies. It has proven to be a big challenge for both the drivers and our service crew.

After arrival, registration of the car and scrutineering, it was time for driving lessons.

Which luckily all went well. Flip flops aside.

As the driver and co-driver had never driven in a rally like the Mille Miglia before, in a car they didn’t know yet, the stress level naturally rose quickly. After losing 1st gear on day 2, the stress just added up until it overtook the pleasure, to a point where stopping was the most sensible decision.

Both driver and co-driver gave all they had but the Mille Miglia is very tough, let alone if it is your first ever classic car rally.

The service crew did a great job supporting them and everybody made it home safe with wonderful and never to be forgotten memories.