HCS at ‘The 100 miles of Ypres 2022’

What a rally to finish 2022 strongly.
After a general maintenance and rally preparation both cars were running perfectly for this fabulous event in Ypres (BE).

We paid our tribute to the ’The Last Post’ before the engines were started and the rally kicked off.

Exciting times are ahead as HCS is teaming up with P1 fuels. Which is a carbon neutral fuel that pushes the narrative of fossil fuel. This alternative is a game changer for the oldtimer community.

Our customers were the first in the world to use P1 fuels (Carbon Neutral) on a prewar rally.
Driving a 20’s & 30’s Riley in -8°C local temperature that didn’t miss a beat and finished the rally.

We would like to thank the organisation off ’The 100 miles of Ypres’ and we are looking forward to see this event develop further. See you next year!