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After 30 years ownership the owner is ready for a new custodian to add memories and rallies to the car's history.


• Registration : The Netherlands
• Year of fabrication: 1894
• Chassis number: 1887
• Engine number: 1328

Enduring Basic Design

The Benz horizontal rear-mounted single-cylinder engines were primarily driven by belts that drew on established engineering workshop practice.  From the very beginning the cars were designed as a complete entity and they owed, except in appearance, to carriage practices.  This basic design was so successful that before.

London to Brighton Veteran

The turn of the century it was only changed in slight detail and over 2,300 Benzes of all models had been sold by the end of 1900. VCC passport and past  entrant to the Centenary London to Brighton Veteran run. Owned in the UK subsequently exported to the Netherlands in 1996. Original English registration plate.




The Benz is in fantastic restored condition, with Dutch papers, Vintage Car Club dating passport, starting and maintenance documentation and previous restoration photos.

Veteran runs

For the popular veteran runs such as London to Brighton this is a capable, original and reliable tour car. The current owner finished the London to Brighton run in ’96.
The car is after 30 years ownership ready for its new custodian to add new memories and rallies to the cars history.


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+32 (0)3 353 33 31

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