1928 Curtiss Frazer
Nash Special


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This blistering fast Special is built on a Frazer Nash TT Replica chassis and incorporates a Curtiss 8.2L water cooled aeroplane engine.


• Chassis: 1928 Frazer Nash
• Engine: 1918 Curtis Aero Engine 8.2 liter
• Curtiss OX-5-90 V8 Watercooled and modified to give tremendous power!
• Chain Driven and a Curtiss

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Early history

The first Talbot Lago T150C made was chassis 82930 in 1936. This car raced in a number of races as mentioned above.

At some point soon after the war, chassis 82933 became 90203 (note: Talbot Lago did not physically number their chassis). To make it more competitive, the owner at that time Charles Pozzi had the prewar Figoni body replaced by the lighter body of the Chappe brothers.

All races described are with this body: a table with race results and descriptions available on request.
The car with chassis 90203 with the Chappe body ended after a documented chain of ownership with count Dönhoff and later Jim Hull who decided the car would look a lot prettier with the prewar body, deciding to create a replica body. This car (chassis 90203) is now (2018) in the Mullin museum, with a lovely (replacement) early 150C body.

The original Chappe body was sold together with some parts of the original suspension and
brakes as well as an original prewar unnumbered engine and ends with Talbot Lago specialist Tony Bianchi. This engine allegedly is the first engine to be used for the original T150C chassis 82933: this engine was replaced by the factory by a faster hemi-engine soon after the initial build.


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