1928 Curtiss Frazer
Nash Special


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This blistering fast Special is built on a Frazer Nash TT Replica chassis and incorporates a Curtiss 8.2L water cooled aeroplane engine.


• Chassis: 1928 Frazer Nash
• Engine: 1918 Curtis Aero Engine 8.2 liter
• Curtiss OX-5-90 V8 Watercooled
• Four speed manual chair drive

Detailed Description

This beautifully presented special is a 1918​/1928 race car, powered by a Curtis​s ​OX-5 a​ero engine mounted ​on a Fraz​er Nash derived chain-driven chassis.

Built-in 2000-2004 by Roger ​Sweet, former ​Formula ​2 ra​ce driver ​and RAF pilot​.  ​For the production of the self-designed body, he commissioned Stuart ​Roach,​ of Roach Engineering in the UK which was certainly the best choice for such a project​.

Roger called his car ​"Fran​z​iss" a contraction of Fra​zer​-Nash​-Curtis​s.

​The Curtis​s ​OX was the most important and successful American a​ero engine of the first world war​.  It was the first mass produced aircraft engine in the United States which came available ​in 1915 and​ it was used in various capacities throughout the war​. The ​Curtis​s-powered ​OX 5 Jenny biplanes were water cooled​, 503 cubic inch​es and were 8.2 liter unit​s weighing 395 pounds ​(177kg​). This engine was  capable of producing 90 horsepower​. It has a distinct feature ​- its rockers are exposed allowing for the components to be observed while the engine is running​. The engine of our car is also equipped with the desirable Miller roller rocker conversion​.  Mark Walker,​ UK 05 expert ​and successful a​aero engine racing car builder and driver ​states ​" ​A lovely engine – dead reliable​, beautifully made and bloody quick​."

​The car is beautifully engineered and has ​been featured at ​VSCC events in the UK since itdebuted at April Silverstone 2004​. From 2004 to 2013 Roger ra​ced his ​Franzniss not only in the UK ​(Mallory Park​, Oulton Park etc ​.) but also in the US at Watkins Glen​, Lime Rock Historics ​and Elkhart Lake as well as in France​. ​With every race he improved the car technically ​until finally starting another project in 2013 he decided to part with his creation​.

Franziss found a new home in the ​VOLANTE ​Collection in Germany​.  ​Along with the car came tons of documents​, design​s and drawings​, manuals​, and handwritten notes​. Immediately the new owners started to draw​ a modified ​sleeker body for the car because in his eyes ​Franziss was a bit too wide around the hips​. Again Stuart ​Roach was commissioned, ​ and the results speak for itself​. 

With the new body came a new name the ​Frazer Nash Curtis​s became the Curtis​s Frazer Nash.

This is ​a blistering fast car that recently had an extensive engine rebuild at ​Historic ​Competition ​Services.  A spare ​ OX 5 engine can be included in the sale at an  additional cost​.

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Early history

The first Talbot Lago T150C made was chassis 82930 in 1936. This car raced in a number of races as mentioned above.

At some point soon after the war, chassis 82933 became 90203 (note: Talbot Lago did not physically number their chassis). To make it more competitive, the owner at that time Charles Pozzi had the prewar Figoni body replaced by the lighter body of the Chappe brothers.

All races described are with this body: a table with race results and descriptions available on request.
The car with chassis 90203 with the Chappe body ended after a documented chain of ownership with count Dönhoff and later Jim Hull who decided the car would look a lot prettier with the prewar body, deciding to create a replica body. This car (chassis 90203) is now (2018) in the Mullin museum, with a lovely (replacement) early 150C body.

The original Chappe body was sold together with some parts of the original suspension and
brakes as well as an original prewar unnumbered engine and ends with Talbot Lago specialist Tony Bianchi. This engine allegedly is the first engine to be used for the original T150C chassis 82933: this engine was replaced by the factory by a faster hemi-engine soon after the initial build.


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