1934 Lagonda M35 Rapide


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• Chassis N° Z11162
• Engine N° 3180

Detailed Description

The car we can offer is one with very rare specifications. It is a M35built on the shorter 10’ 3” Rapide chassis and with its original and very rare T9 Tourer body. Only registered on the 19th of August 1934, the car was the 2nd or 3rd car built. Chassis N° Z11162, the car is very original.

Dennis Stratton was recorded as owner in 1957 who lent the car to film companies to use in several films, most notable the famous English film “Doctor in the house”  Stratton later sold the car to Johnny White in 1962. Mr. White kept de car in his ownership for many years until he past away and the car was inherited by is Step-son. He sold the car in 2009 to the current owner who slowly restored the car to what it is today, a wonderful drivers car with all the mechanics and bodywork restored.

Johnny White was an ex-employee of the old Lagonda Company who then owned a Lagonda Dealership in Bourne End from the 1930’s. This car was the last of several Lagonda’s that he owned over the years and we know that it was used in the film Doctor in the House in 1954.

The car was partly restored by Peter Whenman before the current owner bought it and during his ownership, it had a rewire, a full bodywork restoration including woodwork, new fuel tank, new wheel bearings, leaf springs refurbished, rear axle refurbished with the longer ratio from the M45 Rapide, a complete restored gearbox and a complete engine rebuild upgrading with a new crankshaft to give 4.2 Litres and close to 190 bhp. Added to this it has just undergone a complete re-trim of the interior in beautiful Red Leather.
Everything works perfectly and it is ready for many rallies to come! The sweeping lines of the T9 Tourer body makes this car a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Quite fast without losing the elegance.

Please come buy to test the car, you will be very impressed!

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Flying Start Records

Stanley Mann achieved incredible records with this car, including 5 Miles Flying Start in 2 minutes and 12.97 seconds and 10 Kilometers Flying Start in 2 minutes and 45.56 seconds, both at an average speed of over 135 mph.


as Stanley Mann would have said, with a smile
on his face and a sparkle in his eye.  

Competition Success

In the 1980s, the car achieved notable competition success, including victories at events like the Bentley Drivers Club and VSCC races.

Record-Breaking Legacy

Under Stanley Mann's ownership in 1987, the car underwent a comprehensive rebuild to set new class A records, solidifying its status as a record-setter.

Exceptional Exterior

Crafted by Williams and Pritchard, the car features an aluminum and steel tube frame construction with impeccable paint. Fitted wings, Brookland's screens, and a racing head cowl enhance its racing authenticity.

Impeccable Interior

The green leather bucket seats with meticulous leather lacing are in excellent condition. The aluminum dash houses all necessary gauges, and there's ample storage space behind the seats.

Impressive Mechanics

Despite its weight, the car offers a light and agile driving experience. It features a Laystall crankshaft, 8.0:1 compression, tubular con-rods, fabricated exhaust manifold, and other performance-enhancing modifications.

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