Synthetic fuel, the future?!

Lately Sam from SeenThroughGlass visited HCS to do an interview with Benjamin from P1 Performance fuels.
P1 fuels is reshaping the car industry with their Carbon Neutral Fuel (CFN). They believe in using the power of science and technology to create a cleaner and better tomorrow.

This is a game changer for the oldtimer community as your large capacity car is Carbon Neutral after you filled your car with this fuel. Setting an alternative for the narrative of electric cars.

P1 Fuels is working closely with the world’s leading automotive OEMs and engine developers as the global automotive industry moves towards a future of efficiency and sustainability.

Big names support this cause such as Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel who driven a 1922 Aston Martin GP which is currently the oldest car (not for long) that ran on P1 fuel. Read more
Making a statement driving an original 1992 Formula 1 car on P1 fuels which has a minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact for society. Read more

HCS supports P1 Performance Fuels and is excited to see how this Carbon Neutral Fuel story will develop.

Thank you Sam and Benjamin for visiting HCS and use it as a base for the interview.

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