The Drunken Horse Rally 2022

On the 3rd of September HCS opened the doors to receive the Drunken Horse Rally 2022 organised by Markethings. The parking slowly filled up with a lot of nice cars.Before the rally started everybody had nice breakfast.We welcomed everybody to take a tour through the small showroom and a peek in to the workshop.Around 11am it was GO TIME. The …

Mille Miglia 2022

news > Mille Miglia 2022 If you never try, you will never know. Year after year, the Mille Miglia brings millions of car enthusiasts from all over the world to Italy. This year one of our customers was kind enough to lend his 1947 Talbot Lago T26GS to a good friend, who dreamed of driving the Mille Miglia. Never driven …

A weekend at Days of Elegance

news > Days of Elegance What an amazing weekend we’ve had at Days of Elegance.Interclassic set up an amazing event for the 1st time at castle St. Gerlach. The atmosphere and the cars were hotter then the weather which was extremely warm. Seeing our colleagues, customers and friends added up to this friendly event and just lifted everything to whole …

HCS Mission Ukraine

HCS regularly offers support to customers at rallies and races.But in this day at age there’s a new race going on for the people of the Ukraine that seek refugee in other countries. To stay in touch with our humanity HCS is bound to support the Ukrainian people in this race. Therefore HCS is coming to their aid.

Classic Cars & Coffee 31/10/2021

We’ve had a wonderful day and luckily we kept it dry, even the sun came out and gave you all a warm welcome. We’ve mad a small recap page of this day..